Ferruccio (Dante Michelangelo Benvenuto) Busoni


A child prodigy, Ferrucio Busoni was conducting his own works from the age of 12.  After studying in Bologna, he moved to Leipzig to study under Reinecke at the recommendation of Johannes Brahms.  In 1888 he brought out his first piano transcription of the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, which was to be an obsession of his through the years.  A celebrated concert pianist, he wrote many progressive works, in many ways picking up where Franz Liszt left off in terms of virtuosity and advanced tonality.  However he had no great love for Liszt's ideas concerning programmatic music.  His greatest works are generally held to be the piano concerto, his Fantasia Contrappuntistica and his opera Doktor Faust.

Related composers: Paul Hindemith, Gustav Mahler

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