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Emilio de' Cavalieri

Italian Died 11 Mar 1602

Cavalieri was associated in Rome with Cardinal Ferdinando de' Medici as director of music: the cardinal (he became Grand Duke of Tuscany) made him oversee of artists and craftsmen and of vocal and instrumental musicians.

Cavalieri was composer, organist, singing teacher, dancer, choreographer, administrator and he was active also on the diplomatic front.

During his sojourns in Rome in the 1590s he had continued to be active at the Oratorio del Crocifisso, and in 1600 he twice presented there his "Rappresentatione di Anima et Corpo", which is said to have been seen by entire Sacred College.

He collaborated with Marenzio, Caccini, and Peri.

He wrote Oratorios, Lamentationes and Madrigales.

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