Domenico Zipoli

Italian Born 00 Oct 1688 Died 02 Jan 1726

Zipoli was born October 1688 in Prato, the youngest of six children. In 1709 Zipoli moved to Naples for lessons with Alessandro Scarlatti, but left in the same year after disagreements and went to study at Bologna; he next went to Rome for lessons with the veteran Bernardo Pasquini.

In 1716 he went to Seville to await passage to the Paraguay province.

By 1724 he had completed the required three years each of philosophy and theology at the Jesuit Colegio Màximo and university in Còrdoba.

Zipoli was ready to receive priest's orders in 1725, but died without them for lack of a bishop in Còrdoba to ordain him that year.

He was one of the many excellent musicians between 1650 and 1750 for work in the so-called Paraguay reduction.

MIDI FILE - "Corrente"(0'47'')

His music (Oratorios, Organ Sonatas, Masses, Keyboard Pieces) was much in demand in South America.

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