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Alessandro Marcello

Italian Born 24 Aug 1669 Died 19 Jun 1747

Marcello left a hotch- potch of modest pieces for various wind instruments with strings, and would have been just another of the forgotten hundreds of jobbing composers had it not been for J. S. Bach.

Marcello's Oboe Concerto in D minor is actually a transcription by Bach, and once Bach takes notice, the rest of the world does too.

MIDI FILE - from Oboe Concerto: 2nd Mov. (3'50'')

Alessandro's brother Benedetto is sometimes wrongly credited as the composer of the piece.

But then Benedetto would no doubt have been happy to take any credit he could even if he hadn't done anything to deserve it - as well as being a composer, he was also a politician.

Perhaps in an effort to make sure Benedetto couldn't steal more limelight, Alessandro published some pieces under the name of Eterico Stinfalico.

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