An Early Chance Encounter with Diana Krall

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One day in 1988, a little known Swiss trombonist by the name of Vince Benedetti ran into the then unknown Diana Krall quite by accident. Impressed on hearing her perform, he managed to persuade the Canadian jazz pianist and singer to play some concerts with his quintet...


This 1990 recording Heartdrops: Vince Benedetti meets Diana Krall is the result, a small historical curiosity that predates any other Krall's other recordings by several years. The seven songs, five Benedetti originals alongside Harold Vick's Your Destiny and Isla Eckinger's Detroit Blues feature Krall playing, singing and harmonizing on her earliest ever recording.


Of course, today we know Krall as a superstar, a jazz giant with silky contralto vocals that has sold over 15 million albums worldwide, more than any other female jazz artist in the 90s and 00s. Take a listen to this curious album from her early days and relax into its smooth melodies and stylish rhythms.