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Often described as "the music of friends", chamber music is a form of classical music for small groups of instruments. In the Classical era, these pieces were designed to be performed in a palace chamber, although the term often broadly describes any music for just a few performers. The music is more intimate in nature than orchestral music, composed with private salons and small gatherings in mind.  


The String Quartet is one common type of chamber music. Read more about it here. You may also be familiar with the sonata, which can sometimes be described as chamber music - click here to find out more.


If you're in the mood for romance, try our recommendations for romantic chamber music - the perfect soundtrack for a night in with your loved one.


Alternatively, you can try our playlist of German lieder, or song.


With chamber music in mind, there's one composer who instantly springs to mind - Franz Schubert. The Viennese born composer only just lived into his 30’s, yet left a phenomenal legacy of music, including over 600 lieder. Read more about Schubert here.