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Passion, creativity, desire fused with tropical rhythms and soulful lyrics - that's Calypso. It all started in Trinidad and Tobago where enslaved Africans communicated through song when they were not allowed to speak to each other. A strong community grew out of this new and inventive mechanism for exchanging information, and the music quickly brought in stylistic influences from the French, Spanish and British traditions. The spirit of Carnival and celebration became a key part of the music, with calypso competitions achieving enormous popularity.


The famous steelpans that we associate so closely with calypso now transformed from an orchestra of frying pans, dustbin lids and oil drums, used when stick fighting and African percussion music were banned in 1880. Now, the light, lively and spiritual sound of the steelpan brings joy to the heart of music lovers everywhere. Soon, calypso began to evolve closly with other pan-Atlantic genres including jazz.


Discover the fun and fiesty sounds of calypso with this enchating album Calypso by Josephine Premice.