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Brahms' Piano Quintet

Classical Academy | Chamber Music


On 22 July in 1866 Johannes Brahms' only Piano Quintet premièred in Leipzig. The piece started life as a string quintet and morphed into a sonata for two pianos before taking its current form. As an uncompromising perfectionist, Brahms laboured over his compositions, destroying many of the works he found unsatisfactory. This Quintet demonstrates his love of Schubert's music; echoes of his String Quintet and Grand Duo for piano four hands can be heard throughout the piece.


Appropriately given the influences on the piece, it is The Schubert Ensemble who perform the Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor on this delightful recording. The group are world-class performers of music for piano and strings.


Why not try listening to this Brahms work in tandem with its influences, starting with Schubert's delightful String Quintet. After that, you can move onto this recording of Schubert's Grand Duo, performed by renowned Austrian pianist Alfred Brendel and French-born American pianist Evelyne Crochet.