Around The World

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There's a world of music to discover, from folk music and traditional sounds to popular fusions of styles and rhythms from around the globe. Explore our feature articles to discover music from home and abroad.


North America

New Jersey: the Wizard of Menlo Park

New York, USA: All Stars at the Met

Harlem, New York: A Great Day in Harlem

New York, USA: Minimalism

Little Rock, Arkansas: Florence Price

Carnegie Hall, New York: The King of Swing



Bonn, Germany: Beethoven's Beginnings

Covent Garden, London: Royal Opera House

Hebrides, Scotland: Mendelssohn's Fingal's Cave

Leipzig, Germany: Bach's Magnificat

The Scottish Isles: Roots and Branches

Milan, Italy: Come Fly with Da Vinci

Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg: Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty

England: English String Music

Silesia, Poland: To Silesia with Gorecki

Prague, Czech Republic: Dvorak, Wihan, and the Cello Concerto

Belgium: The World Atlas


South & Central America

Trinidad & Tobego, Carribean: Calypso

Latin America: Latin American Music

Cuba, Carribean: Bolero



Gisborne, New Zealand: Douglas Lilburn



Morocco, North Africa: Moroccan Belly Dance



Japan: Ongaku