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Simplify your life, don't think about getting it, moving it, possessing it, carrying it - just listen on any internet device!

SPARC - our favourite acronym

- Social: Share the music in facebook and twitter
- Participative: Create playlists of music you love and write about it (internet mavens call it 'immersive')
- Accessible: Listen to all music on any device with a browser - better than ownership of a limited personal library
- Relevant: new relases, new music added every Monday
- Connected: Listen with your subscription on any device you wish

About Us provides the world's largest and most comprehensive specialist music service for Classical, Jazz & Blues and World music.

Customers enjoy ownership of music as streams (in high quality 320k audio).

Complete information about the major recordings, composer biographies, and listening guides are provided. Sheet music is available for specialists to download.

Music is featured from a curated set of labels to ensure focus on excellence. The Music with Vision sections deliver video including many of the world's greatest artists and 3,290 composers. 

Users can easily build playlists, enjoy sharing them and add commentaries. The advanced Recommendation engine finds recordings each individual user will love. Charts are updated daily based on recordings our users buy and play.

A subscription service will be offered.

Our Values

We sell the highest quality music available
We care about our musical communities and our environment
We satisfy and delight our customers
We pay royalties to artists and labels
We create wealth through profits and growth

Our Management Team was founded in 2000 with the objective of making our recorded cultural heritage available to the widest possible audience. Many years before iTunes, Spotify and other services offered online streaming, along with downloads, custom CDs and more. As the online streaming became the normal way for music lovers to enjoy music, the focus has been on simplification. The art form is curation, presenting the very best to our users.


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